A steamy start to the New Year

In a week that has been trying in many more ways than one, surprisingly, my London Marathon training seems to have stepped up a notch. Perhaps having steam coming out of my ears was just what I needed to kick things along on the running front.

Last week my brand new uninsured iphone4 stopped working and, of course, my insurance doesn’t kick in until next week. When I went to get it repaired, the deadbeat in the mobile phone shop told me with a smirk that it was my own stupidity that broke it in the first place so I would have to ‘suffer’ in the weeks that it would take to get it fixed.

I was so steaming mad I went for a run. I pounded that pavement with such force that I couldn’t believe there weren’t dents in the concrete.

Then things went awry on the home front – the washing machine broke down, I had a small fire in the oven and the flatmate washed my white clothes with bright purple socks.

They say that when the shit hits the fan, people’s true colours come out. And, unlike the purple dye in my clothes, they sure did.

I’ve discovered that I’m living with a kleptomaniac who has ripped more people off in the past week than the Wolf of Wall Street and is too scared to sleep in her bedroom in case she catches a chill. So she sleeps on the couch and for the duration of her slumber I’m forced to tiptoe around the flat.

I have also discovered her aptitude for bringing home men and bonking them on the lounge room floor. Nice!

The events of late have left me stressed out and whingy, which I hate. But my running has never been better.

Yesterday I smashed 8 miles in an hour and a half. Well smashed by my standards. Normally I return after a long run looking drawn in the face and feeling a bit wobbly. And while I wouldn’t say that I bounced in through the front door looking sharp, I felt pretty good. Then I reached the kitchen where the purple sock offender was standing with a crumb on the end of her finger saying hysterically “look…. LOOK!”

So I told my couch-sleeping, obsessive-compulsive crumb-finding flatmate where to stick her purple socks and now I find myself homeless and mobile phoneless.

But in the grand scheme of things, it is just a phone and there are couches I can sleep on until I find my real home. In the meantime, my running is my rock.

** Please support my fundraising efforts. I am raising money for the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre. You can donate via my fundraising page at http://www.justgiving.com/KirstenLodge. Please please please give generously.

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