The potty-mouthed brunette

Today I remembered a conversation I had on New Year’s Eve. There MAY have been champagne involved. We were discussing words that friends would use to describe you. A risky conversation when you are a bit pissed. Guess how they described me? Has brown hair. Is dramatic. Swears like a trooper.

Nice. A potty mouth brunette who flaps her arms around wildly when talking about the gym (*gesticulates frantically*).

Case in point… when push came to shove at the ‘house of horror’ with Fat Old Bat the Landlord, it WAS dramatic and my mouth was the pottiest it’s ever been. FOB decided one Friday that she wanted me out on Saturday because she was having a makeup party. My first thought was to tell her where to put her makeup. But given that I couldn’t wait to get out of there, I decided it was a blessing and bailed.

Then, come Saturday, we had a row about the washing machine and I found myself on the side of the road with everything I own crammed into garbage bags, a backpack and a suitcase. A cab driver kindly put my things in his car while I stood there blubbering and probably swearing.

The next two weeks were a haze of sofas, hotels and spare beds. I often considered tossing it all in to go back to Oz. My training hit the skids and so the marathon was looking more and more grim.

But I finally moved into a new house-share this week. With friends of friends. It is a two month solution till I figure things out. It is perfect. The house comes with a roman style bathroom (you can almost have a bath in the basin), bright red carpet and a mural on the shower wall. And I’m living with three couples. Yep three (*shrugs*). Compared to the ‘house of horror’, it’s a dream. Surely.

So here I am – day two in my new house – waiting for my running buddy to turn up. I’m in my own bed, with a cup of tea, writing (*wriggles toes*). It is blissfully quiet.

And now that that weird period of my life is behind me, it must be time for a run (*flings duvet off and commando rolls out of bed*).

Please help me raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre at

K xo

One response to “The potty-mouthed brunette

  1. Darl, you are either certifiably potty or certifiable. Love you. Poida

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