Cream crackered

How’s my training going? Well, this week I’m cream-crackered. Knackered. Absolutely bone-achingly tired. I ran 11 miles last weekend. 17 km. Did I tell you that already? Sorry. I’m so blimmin tired, I can’t remember.

I’ve reached that point in marathon training where it goes from serious to life-alteringly boring. No booze (pretty much), gobs and gobs of food, and evenings at home with a blankey over my knees. Last night I got home, hopped straight in to my PJs and hurled myself with such force on to the sofa that it gave a little jump. All before 7pm.

And then there’s the… ehem… body changes. My calves are bursting through my pants giving the legs an ‘incredible hulk-ish’ look. My boots don’t fit either. Not happy.

Lastly, there’s the mental exhaustion. Do you know what happens when you run for hours? You start to feel a bit funny. It doesn’t matter how much sports drink you consume or goobbery sports gels, your body scream’s empty. When you stop, all that blood that’s been pumping like mad around your body, crashes into your brain and you get an enormous rush of endorphins – ‘the runner’s high’. It lasts about 30 minutes, giving you just enough time to wolf down the pantry and climb into bed.

I’ve run half marathons before. But this is different. I’m pushing my body to a new limit. They say that running a marathon is 90% mental. Yeah it’s mental alright.

Tomorrow, hopefully, if my training goes to plan, I will have run the furthest ever. I don’t know whether I can do it. I will set my alarm an hour before I run so that I can eat a proper breakfast and let it digest. Then I’ll go back to bed and wait… in dread. The run should take me about two and a half hours. God I’ve lost the plot. Crackers.

I’m supporting multiple sclerosis by running in the London Marathon. Sponsor me here:

My donations have gone up to £417.48. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. It’s all I think about when I run. Thank you.

K xo


3 responses to “Cream crackered

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  2. Good on ya matey! It’s gonna be tough but I know you can do it… Just keep swimming 😀 xxxx

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