Collateral damage

No one said this would be easy. But c’mon. Really?

20 kilometres yesterday. 12 miles. FOR A TRAINING RUN!

I always thought I had a low pain threshold. Maybe when it comes to acupuncture or the dentist, I do. But running over two hours.? Well.. here it is.

You think, after two hours, with all that jiggling there won’t be any collateral damage? Big bum, big boobs, bouncing their way round London. No wonder people look terrified when they see me coming.

And the chafe. Ohhhhhh. The chafe. I harped on with such confidence that THIS time I didn’t get chafe. Let me tell you. I got chafe in places I didn’t think possible. Where the sun don’t shine.

Showers and chafe don’t work well together either. My flatmates must think someone is being murdered when I have a shower after a run.

This. Is. Torture.

Thank god for my running buddy, Polly, who yesterday turned up in the UK drizzle to run with me. She cycled over to my house (in addition to running the 20km) just to run 20km with me. Pol, you are an angel! She still had a smile at the end. The wind must have changed along the way because my face still bears the grimace.

So a day later and I’ve had to commando roll out of bed. The pain in my buttocks and legs is so great that I doubt I’ll ever walk, let alone run, again. But I have to. Today is a light 30 minute ‘easy’ run. ‘Easy’? Sure. I’ll do my ‘easy’ run. I’m going to wrap myself head to toe in gaffer tape so that nothing moves. And then laugh in the face of adversity.

K xo

I’m not doing this for the love of it. This is all about the money:

A footnote:
My fundraising total is now at 507 pounds. Can you believe that?? I am humbled by your generosity and support. Thank you.


3 responses to “Collateral damage

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  2. LEGEND kir – keep it up girlfriend!

  3. What a dream kid you are darl. Not that I am an expert on The Chaff but you can turn a scream into a whimper with a little Savlon on the worn bits before you shower. Or you could not shower!

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