Flo Jo and the Physio

Whenever I’ve heard the news that an athlete has had to pull out of the Olympics due to injury, I’ve felt kind of sorry for them. But now, myself injured, I can somewhat appreciate the mental torture these athletes must go through.

Not that I’m putting myself in the same category as Olympic athletes – even though I feel like Flo Jo when I’m pounding the pavement (minus the ‘roids, of course).

My shin splints are healing and I should buy shares in Neurofen. My running has ground to a halt. And it’s been hell. Mentally and physically.

Right now, I’m down. But I’m definitely not out.

Last night, I went for round two of deep tissue massage with my Australian physio. Surely the pain was comparable to child birth. It made me sweat, swear and I even dribbled on the carpet through the breathing hole in the table. I had the physio in stitches. For an hour, she dug her fingers into the muscles next to my shins. I tell you, I nearly burst the veins in my neck. The physio told me they were the tightest calves she’d seen in a while… Arnold Schwarzenegger calves on a puny Pee Wee Herman body… no wonder my darn boots don’t fit anymore!

To let my legs  heal, I spend all day with my legs in the freezer, I chew anti-inflammatories like tic tacs and I swim. Swim in the mankiest, skankiest pools in the entire world. London – your pools STINK!!!

This weekend I’ll attempt to get back into my running shoes. 10 miles – 5 miles then walk to check my shins are OK – then another 5. I’m a nervous wreck.

So I’m still working towards that goal. 26 miles in just over six weeks.

It seems like a long shot – but it ain’t over till the physio sings.

K xo

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3 responses to “Flo Jo and the Physio

  1. I told you the pools are gross!

  2. Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone! Found your blog by trawling twitter and as someone who has also faced the sharp ‘stop running’ message this year in my VLM training I know how you feel. Mine has been a selection of inflammations in tendons and muscles not used to the distance. I was out for two weeks with an ankle strain and then, back running last weekend on a long slog through soaked Richmond Park, my achilles on the other foot got very angry. Rounds of ice, popping ibuprofen like Smarties and administering my own massage is not the hard bit is it? It’s the not running that hurts most. The mental torture is ticking days off your plan and writing ‘no run – injured’ when you know you should be banking miles. Well, tonight is another trial session on the treadmill to see if I can cope pain-free and then Sunday back to the long run…

    Hope you can join all of us on the start line. Best wishes,

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